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Publishing date: 20.07.2020

Fluidmaster is a global supplier of an extensive range of sanitary solutions, actively sold under the Fluidmaster®, LIV® , SCHWAB® and WISA® brands.  The enduring strength of Fluidmaster is based upon our never ending focus on customer satisfaction and innovation in all that we do.

Through the implementation of synergies and with strong background of all companies within the Fluidmaster Corporation, today we provide the complete range of high quality concealed and exposed cisterns, frames for urinals, washbasins and bidets, shower drains and traps, toilet seats, fill and flush valves as well as many accessories for different needs when speaking about bathroom or sanitary environment.

The latest news in our product range are IPEE products, intelligent touchless systems.

All IPEE products are designed and developed based on a three-principle philosophy:
  • Technology - all our packs hold unique smart features that add value for both the end user as well as the property owner and his maintenance team.
  • Sustainability - our mission to improve the environment gives rise to providing water saving products only.
  • Simplicity - our integrated approach results in easy to install and easy to use products without sacrificing quality of design.

You can find more information about the products on our Web site - IPEE TOUCHLESS SYSTEMS!


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Fluidmaster d.o.o.
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SI-6230 Postojna, Slovenia

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