CONCEALED CISTERN UP 186.0400         

  • since 2002
  • for dual flushing
  • for infrared flushing cistern control

Art. Nr. Description Details
A 1 363802 Retaining tabs 1 Pair
A 2
385770 Cover plate  
A 6 352277 Rubber lip seal for flush pipe elbow
A 7 359793 Flush pipe elbow with att., L=300 mm  
  382059 Flush pipe elbow without att., L=300 mm  
I 1
243292 Filling valve  
I 1.1 359807 Connecting tube without angle valve
I 2
363827 Bridge  
I 3
363829 Outlet valve complete with seal
I 4 351517 Valve seal  
I 5
363828 Power supply unit 230 V complete with electromagnetic lever
B 1 367327 Ecovital IR – WC flushing 230 V, dual flushing
B 2 363769 Electro-double push button optional for manual release of IR-WC-control


Fluidmaster d.o.o.
Industrijska cesta 2
SI-6230 Postojna, Slovenia

T +386 5 72 83 700
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