• since 2008, P-IX 8155/I
  • for dual flushing or start-stop flushing

Art. Nr.
Description Details
A 1 367256 Retaining tabs 1 Pair
A 2 363843 Cover plate  
A 6 352277 Rubber lip seal for flush pipe elbow
A 7  359793 Flush pipe elbow with att., L=300 mm  
  382059 Flush pipe elbow without att., L=300 mm  
I 1 243292 Filling valve until 02/2014  
I 1.1 359807 Connecting tube until 02/2014 without angle valve
I 1.2 628458 Filling valve from 02/2014  
I 1.3 628459 Connecting tube from 02/2014 without angle valve
I 2 239889 Bridge  
I 3 228578 Outlet valve complete with seal
I 4  351517 Valve seal  
I 5  231613 Bearing bracket with setting lever
  228129 Flushing plate RIVA DUO MINI white for dual flushing
  227743 Flushing plate RIVA DUO MINI matt chrome for dual flushing
  231608 Flushing plate POINT DUO white for dual flushing
  238807 Flushing plate POINT DUO matt chrome for dual flushing


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SI-6230 Postojna, Slovenia

T +386 5 72 83 700
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