Certificates and Standards

Fluidmaster do.o.o is certified based on ISO-9001:2015 quality management system. The obtained certificate of this international quality standard supports and emphasizes the complete control over the continuous improvements of all processes in our organization.

The opinion of customers is of crucial importance, so the products meet the needs and demands of the market and expectations of customers. Therefore we take care that products are in compliance with domestic and international regulations and standards, safe for use, reliable in operation, aesthetically designed and environmentally sound.

Products are thoroughly tested and meet the most demanding requirements of all relevant standards:
  • products are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the EU Directive for CE marking;
  • products meet the requirements of European quality standards EN 14124, EN 14055 and NF 076;
  • sealing according to requirements of standard EN 14055;
  • the durability test of the reliability of the flush valve operation includes 50,000/200,000 flushing cycles with alternating use of large and small quantities (in accordance with the requirements of the EN 14055:2018 standard).